Disputes can be an unwelcome side effect of the growth and success of any construction project. If not resolved in a timely manner, these disputes can become very costly. Beyond monetary terms, disputes can constrain time, people and potential opportunities. Whether you are pursuing a lien claim, dealing with construction delays, unanticipated project conditions, cost overruns, deficient construction or inadequate design, it is imperative to understand the laws that affect you. BLG's Construction and Engineering Dispute Resolution Group will exercise and defend your rights with vigour through the court system and commercial arbitration.

Our Group has proven record of minimizing court times by:

  • Collaborating with our clients to develop programs to assist in identifying and preventing risks at the earliest stage
  • Becoming strong advocates of mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution at the earliest and best opportunity, which often result in the preservation of the commercial relationship between the parties
  • Negotiating settlements even after litigious proceedings have been initiated

Members of the Construction and Engineering Dispute Resolution Group work closely with our lawyers in other specialized areas, including tax, mergers and acquisitions, banking, capital markets, competition, insurance, employment and litigation. With such a broad range of resources, we work as part of your team to achieve the results you need.