Montréal Application process

Students seeking articling positions at BLG Montréal must submit an application through the viLaw Portal.​

A complete application must include:

  • a cover letter
  • a résumé
  • copies of all law school and post-secondary transcripts (photocopies are acceptable)

All applications are acknowledged upon receipt. We receive and review applications and interview candidates in accordance with the rules and deadlines established by member firms of the Entente de recrutement​. Only those students selected for interviews will be contacted.

Summer positions

We fill all summer positions with first- and second-year students who have been accepted for future articling positions at BLG Montréal. There is no separate application process for this program.

Articling positions

We have filled all articling positions for 2017 and 2018. We plan to hire eight to ten students for 2019. The application deadline is February 8, 2017.

We will conduct first interviews from March 13, 2017 to March 17, 2017 and second interviews from March 20, 2017 to March 22, 2017.

Call day is Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 8:00 am.

All students are hired in accordance with the guidelines, rules and requirement of the Québec Bar School (French version only).

Application and interview tips

Make your application and interview stand out:

  • Proofread every document. Ask a friend to double-check.
  • Keep your cover letter brief: in one page, explain why you’re interested in BLG Montréal and why BLG should be interested in you.
  • Remember: everything in your application package is open for discussion in an interview. Be prepared to tell us your story.
  • Think ahead about questions you might be asked and practice answering them.
  • Do your homework: talk to staff, current students, colleagues and professors and read up on the Firm.
  • Try to relax: interviewers want to meet the real you.

Visit your law school career development office for more preparation advice.​​​
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