​At BLG, our lawyers have expertise in preventing and investigating work-related sexual harassment incidents, and in representing our clients in such cases.

Our counsellors use their experience and comprehensive grasp of the underlying legal and organizational issues to help organizations manage the many issues arising out of sexual harassment in the workplace.

BLG's Labour and Employment Group offers the right advice on:

  • Prevention – We can assist your team to identify risks specific to your sector, to adopt policies that take into account your reality.
  • Training – We can offer interactive and tailored training for your employees; as well as training for executives pertaining to preventing and managing claims, as well as investigating claims.
  • Intervention – We will help you analyze harassment complaints or reports, to determine whether the whole matter is admissible and what action you need to take.
  • Crisis Management – When crisis situations arise, our vast network of contacts can assist you in providing the psychological and reputational support for the parties involved.
  • Investigations – When the situation calls for an investigation, we will help you determine the appropriate person(s) (inside or outside your organization) to conduct the inquiry.
  • Implementing Recommendations – After an investigation is concluded, we will help you come up with the best way to deal with triggering factors of harassment and implement concrete solutions.
  • Representation in Arbitrations and Lawsuits – We are frequently retained to appear before different courts to represent the interests of organizations embroiled in disputes involving harassment allegations.

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