Our National Fraud Law Group draws from the extensive experience of its members to respond to the increasing number of individuals and organizations that are forced to deal with fraud and fraud related matters. Fraud is a growing and costly problem for financial institutions and individuals alike. The Group's core of experienced fraud litigators, coupled with a select multi-disciplinary team provides advice and pro-actively assists organizations with prevention, detection and recovery.

The members of our Group have been selected based on their wide-ranging experience and expertise in this area. Our Group is committed to providing responsive, cost-effective, and specialized services that maximize recovery for victims of fraud, and to seeking to identify avenues to avoid and minimize such losses in the future. Our success lies in our national team approach that enables us to quickly assess situations arising from fraud, and to formulate an aggressive action plan to effectively maximize recovery and implement solutions.

Our Group provides local, national and international support with respect to all aspects of fraud litigation, investigation and advice on prevention.


Our Services

Members of the Group are able to provide advice in many areas including the following:

Civil Fraud Recovery and Pursuit

  • all aspects of civil fraud remedies, including injunctions, Mareva injunctions (or seizures before judgment in Québec), Anton Piller orders and Norwich Pharmacal orders
  • execution of judgments, including enforcement of foreign judgments
  • international asset tracing
  • piracy and breach of copyright
  • criminal compensation orders

Banking Issues: Loss Prevention, Defence and Tracing

  • bills of exchange issues and Canadian Payment Association Clearing Rules disputes
  • design of account operating agreements and banking operation systems to reduce fraud and fraud related losses, including internet banking and e-commerce issues
  • broker liability claims and securities fraud claims
  • proceeds of crime (money laundering) issues and regulatory compliance advice

Employee Theft and Breach of Trust

  • surveillance and investigation and corporate security issues
  • dismissal for cause
  • embezzlement and secret commission schemes
  • corporate espionage and theft of corporate opportunity
  • fidelity bonding coverage advice and policy design

Rankings & Recognitions

The Fraud Law Group or its members are recognized in:

  • "Ethical Corporate Conduct Flows from the Top Down," Financial Post, March 5, 2013.
    Mr. Alex De Zordo, partner in our Commercial Litigation Group, Fraud Law Group and head of the Litigation Department in our Montréal office, discusses society’s increased scrutiny on corporate ethics and its impact on corporations.​
  • Ross McGowan represents Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and is highlighted for his 'outstanding work' advising financial institutions on fraud. He has 'extensive experience' including mass tort Ponzi Scheme Claims and is 'renowned as a go to practitioner' in this field.