BLG is pleased to have worked with the OHA in preparing the 2018 resource: Form 1 Assessments Under the Mental Health Act — Frequently Asked Questions

This resource addresses some “frequently asked questions” about Form 1s, including:

  • Can examinations to complete a Form 1 be completed via Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)?
  • Can psychiatric assessments by a psychiatrist be completed via the OTN?
  • Can a Form 1 be “cancelled”?
  • Are original Form 1s necessary?
  • In what situations may a person be detained, restrained or confined at a hospital?

This resource also includes a section on Working with Police, and in particular addresses some of the challenges for both police and health-care providers when individuals are brought to the emergency department for treatment and care.

BLG and Katharine Byrick, the principal author, extend their appreciation and thanks to the OHA and all who contributed to this resource.


Katharine Byrick


Health Law