Korea and Canada have enjoyed mutually beneficial trade relations for decades. Whether your business is exploring opportunities in Korea, or looking to invest in Canada, it is imperative to understand the laws that affect you. BLG’s Korea Group can provide you with the information and advice you need to fully understand the legal and regulatory aspects of doing business in Korea or with Korean entities.

Our Korea Group has proven expertise in international trade laws as it applies to:

  • Negotiating and drafting international trade agreements, manufacturing agreements and construction contracts
  • Establishing new businesses and foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOEs), joint ventures (CJVs/EJVs), partnerships, limited partnerships and corporations
  • All aspects of Korean commercial transactions
  • International finance centres, international maritime centres and captive insurance

To give you the full breadth of BLG’s expertise, members of the Korea work closely with our lawyers in other specialized areas, including tax, mergers and acquisitions, banking, capital markets, competition, insurance, automotive, aviation, environment, natural resources, forestry, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, power, employment and litigation. We can also quickly assemble teams to handle complex commercial transactions, such as resort development, distribution and agency arrangements, franchises and international initial public offerings. International dispute resolution assistance related to commercial and intellectual property issues is also available to you.


    Representative Work

    What follows is a representative list of work by members of BLG’s Korea Group:

    • Acted for a major Korean corporation regarding the development of a significant energy infrastructure and export project.
    • ​​Acted for an international game development company regarding IP infringement.
    • Acted for the Canadian arm of a heavy manufacturing organization on a wide variety of legal matters.
    • Assisted a leading Korean law firm with representation of their clients in Canada with respect to a range of legal issues including M&A activity, litigation, corporate commercial, etc.
    • Represented the interests of a major Korean financial services entity across Canada.
    • Represented a major Korean-based telecommunications corporation with respect to a range of corporate commercial and corporate finance matters.
    • Represented a Korean-based steel production client with respect to M&A activities in Canada.
    • Represented a major Korean oil & gas entity on a variety of matters.
    • Represented a major Korean shipping entity on a variety of matters.
    • Represented a Korean mining company with regard to international acquisitions.
    • Represented a Korean holding company with the acquisition of a Canadian internet gaming company.
    • Assisted a major Korean petroleum company with respect to the potential acquisition of petroleum plant in Newfoundland.