With today's easy access to digital media, copyright infringement could be significantly impacting your bottom line. Whether the issue is protecting your copyrights or defending them from infringement claims, members of BLG’s Copyright Group draw from decades of experience in addressing complex copyright issues across numerous industries for both domestic and international clients. Our expertise and proactive approach in protecting your intellectual property is widely known to give the competitive advantage required to help achieve your business goals.

Our Copyright Group’s experience, coupled with the multi-disciplinary breadth of our full-service firm means we can offer you copyright assistance in many areas, including:

  • Copyright due diligence, litigating copyright issues, obtaining copyright registration and managing copyright portfolios
  • Drafting and negotiating software agreements or outsourcing arrangements
  • Anti-piracy and enforcement
  • Government copyright policies and legislation

Many multinational businesses have entrusted us to protect, leverage and defend their domestic and international copyright interests. We have particular expertise with the publishing, media and software development industries, along with educational institutions and collective rights organizations. Our Copyright Group also has intimate knowledge of the Canadian Copyright Act, which has allowed us to represent clients before the Copyright Board and the Supreme Court of Canada.