Anticipating and adapting to technological innovation is a business imperative. At BLG, we ensure our clients understand the legal implications of new developments and innovation that affect their organizations. Our Autonomous Vehicles Group consists of leading legal professionals who, while highly skilled in the law and its application, are also well versed in other disciplines. This enables them to identify trends and anticipate the potential impact of technological change in various industries.

As adoption of increasingly autonomous and connected vehicles — cars, trucks, buses, ships, trains and aircraft — takes place, entire industries are being disrupted and redefined; altering their operations, talent pools, vendor relationships and supply chains. New entrants are challenging traditional business models and creating previously unimagined markets. Cities and governments are being forced to rethink legislation, regulation and infrastructure, and the existing framework for liability has already been challenged.

No matter the industry sector, BLG’s expertise can help navigate through the changes that autonomy in transportation will bring about and help you achieve your business goals.

Our services encompass all corporate commercial and dispute resolution matters —  including mergers & acquisitions, contract and competition law, intellectual property, privacy, cybersecurity, insurance coverage, regulatory changes, product liability, and class actions. To learn more about how autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing our world, view our Autonomous Vehicles Report. and sign up for "The Sensor: Legal Insights into Autonomous Vehicles".

Publications & Presentations

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Industry Involvement

  • Member, Defence Research Institute, Robert Love
  • Member, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Automated Vehicles Working Group, Robert Love
  • Member, Defence Research Institute; Products Liability, Glenn Zakaib
  • Past-Chair, Automotive SLG (DRI), Glenn Zakaib