• BMus, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • MMus, McGill University
I chose BLG because …
of the people. They are driven, highly skilled, and professional, but are also warm and like to laugh together. I wanted to be part of that kind of team.
You’ll learn more at BLG because…
it has a wide range of practice groups, comprised of leaders in the field who encourage students to explore and challenge them to learn by doing.
My favourite thing about BLG is…
its commitment to its students. Everyone I’ve met so far is eager to share their knowledge and is dedicated to helping students become the best lawyers they can be.
When I’m not in the office I enjoy…
singing, learning languages, salsa dancing, HIIT classes, lying on beaches, and watching (and always reasonable amount of) Netflix.
I’m motivated by…
seeing someone succeed, then learning how they did it.
The BLG Experience

The BLG Experience

Students are invited to a wide variety of social events, some specifically arranged for you and your mentors

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