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How many lawyers are with Borden Ladner Gervais?

With more than 700 lawyers, BLG is one of Canada’s largest firms, servicing a diverse range of clients in key practice areas. BLG Montréal employs approximately 135 lawyers.

How many students do you normally hire?

At BLG Montréal, we typically hire eight articling students who also work in our offices in the summers or during the school year leading up to their articling program.

What does BLG Montréal look for in a candidate?

We seek students who:

  • embody our core values: integrity, teamwork, commitment and client-centred service
  • fit well with our office culture and have the potential to grow into associates and then partners
  • offer strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills in addition to strong academic achievements
  • possess sound judgment and excellent oral and written communication skills in both official languages
  • have exciting, fulfilling interests outside their career ambitions

In short: we’re looking for exceptional people. We develop exceptional lawyers.

How does the interview process work?

You’ll be assigned a host lawyer—a junior associate who will call you to arrange your in-Firm interview and guide you through every step of the interview process. Your first interview will be conducted by two practicing lawyers. Your second interview will be conducted by three practicing lawyers, including our Director of Professional Recruitment.

After your second interview, you’ll have an opportunity to tour the Firm and get a feel for the office culture. You’ll also meet with one of our partners informally, one-on-one, to discuss his or her practice and chat about your professional and personal interests.

Is it important to have an existing connection to Montréal?

BLG Montréal recruits from all civil law schools with the goal of building our Firm over the long term. Regardless of where you grew up or went to school, if you want to forge your law career in Montréal, we want to hear from you.

What type of compensation package does BLG Montréal offer its articling students?
Our students receive salary and benefits competitive with large Montréal firms.
When do summer and articling students start work at BLG Montréal?

Summer students start the second week of May for a period of 12 to 15 weeks, depending on when they return to school. Articling students start on one of three established dates: end of January, end of June or beginning of September—each for a period of 26 weeks.

Does BLG Montréal have a formal mentorship program?

Yes. Each summer student is assigned a mentor who will answer all your questions about the Firm, the work and the legal profession. Each articling student is assigned both a mentor and an articling principal or maître de stage who will sign off on your articles. Many students also develop rewarding mentor relationships with other legal professionals within the firm.

What kind of training will I receive at BLG?

 Upon your arrival at BLG Montréal and during your first two weeks, you’ll learn about the Firm and its systems during an intensive orientation program with three goals:

  • To ensure you`re familiar with all the resources available to you
  • To establish what is expected of BLG students
  • To prepare you for the hands-on work to follow

You’ll also attend weekly seminars led by lawyers in a variety of legal practice areas. These professionals will offer practical tips and help you develop a sense of focus for your own legal career. Articling students and associates attend regular professional development training sessions to increase substantive legal knowledge (i.e., preparing for trial, mediations, settlements, etc.) and to improve important practice related skills (i.e., drafting, business development, practice management, etc.).

What type of work will I be doing as a student?

BLG Montréal offers a summer program designed to provide students with direct and in-depth involvement in the Business and Litigation departments. The program is flexible to encourage students to explore several practice areas. On large complex matters, you’ll work as part of a team. On smaller matters, you’ll get more hands-on experience, but with solid support and supervision.

BLG articling students undertake much the same work as junior associates: everything from research and client meetings to discoveries and  court appearances. Our aim is to provide insight, challenging work and an educational experience. Our current students and junior associates are always available to answer questions about the work you’ll do at BLG Montréal.

How is student work allocated at BLG Montréal?

You’ll receive assignments in two ways: electronically from a student dispatcher who coordinates assignments; and directly from lawyers as you develop relationships and specific interests within the Firm. By taking charge of your workload, you`ll develop your practice and time management skills. We find this system to be both fair and flexible.

Do students take part in pro bono work?

Yes. BLG professionals volunteer regularly as pro bono counsel for people for whom legal services would otherwise be inaccessible. In fact, BLG was named “Pro Bono Team of the Year” at the 2013 Benchmark Canada Awards. You’ll have the opportunity to work under the guidance of our lawyers on pro bono projects and cases in a variety of practice areas.

How do students receive feedback?

Summer students undergo one formal evaluation during their program at BLG Montréal; articling students undergo two. You can also ask your mentor and other lawyers for informal feedback at any time during an assignment.

What kind of support and resources are available to students?

Summer students can always rely on their mentors for guidance and support; articling students can turn to both their mentors and principals. Members of our student recruitment committee are always available. The Director of Professional Recruitment meets with all students regularly, both one on one and in groups, to check in, answer questions and monitor work allocation. BLG Montréal provides all the office resources of a large national law firm: IT services, corporate and library services, a copy centre and facilities support. 

What types of social events does BLG Montréal host?

You’ll be invited to a wide variety of social events, some specifically for students and their mentors and principals, including cocktail evenings and a casual meet-and-greet away from the office to kick off each summer. Firm-wide celebrations include the annual Firm dinner, departmental socials, and summer and Christmas parties. BLG Montréal also hosts family-friendly events such as Christmas tree-decorating and gift-giving parties, apple-picking outings and sugar-shack visits.

What type of diversity initiatives does BLG participate in?

BLG Montréal’s workforce and clientele reflect the multicultural community in which we operate. The Firm has established:

  • a National Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • diversity-related training sessions
  • affinity groups to foster mutual support for religious, cultural and social communities within BLG
  • monthly diversity bulletins for sharing information
  • a diversity calendar highlighting cultural and religious observances
  • resources for name pronunciation, including audio clips attached to BLG bios

BLG supports the advancement of female professionals through out Firm-wide Women’s Leadership Development Committee.

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