This book, now in its Second Edition, is directed primarily toward patent agents, lawyers, and technology transfer offices specializing in biotechnology and chemical practice. It is intended to outline, in a practical and useful way, those features of Canadian practice that are most relevant to our clients and associates in Canada and around the world.
This book is divided into four parts.
Part I outlines general patent practice in Canada. It begins with an overview of the Canadian patent system and proceeds to discuss the procedural requirements for patent registration in Canada generally, as well as the specific requirements with respect to biotechnology applications and patents.
Part II deals with specific chemical and biotechnology subject matter, including chemical compounds, antibodies and higher life forms, to name a few. With respect to each of these, a conscious effort had been made to provide the reader with preferred claim formats.
Part III deals with challenges to issued patents. It provides a substantive review of the issues of patent construction, infringement, and validity. It also covers third- party challenges to patents and pending applications in the Patent Office.
Part IV deals with regulatory issues, concentrating primarily on the Patent Medicines Regulations, as well as the Patent Medicines Prices Review Board.

type Biotechnology and Chemical Patent Practice in Canada