Every week the newspaper headlines name yet another well-known local firm or innocent individual recently victimized by the 'Counterfeit Cheque/Draft" scam. The loss is in the ten’s of thousands and threatens their financial well-being. While the facts change a little each time, these issues highlight the need for businesses and individuals to remain cautious and vigilant with respect to the potential for fraud. These losses can arise whether it is a party purporting to be a real estate client arranging a financing or a creditor seeking your assistance to recover a 'disputed' debt. The result is the same, a fraudulent item is proffered to the potential victim to deposit to their account, followed by an excuse or instructions to justify a wire transfer or draft for some or all of the proceeds to an offshore locale. The victim is then left to deal with the fallout of the fraud on discovery.

type Fraud Law Alert - September 2008 - Beware of "New Client" Cheque Scams