Laurie Ziola

Laurie Ziola  


Executive Summary

Laurie articled and practiced in Edmonton with a focus on commercial litigation and competition law. Relocating to Calgary in 1997, Laurie moved to in-house legal counsel managing a wide range of litigation and regulatory issues as well as corporate commercial work in the energy sector. She has held senior legal counsel roles with a number of companies in the energy sector, with a focus on oil and gas. For 7 years prior to joining BLG, Laurie worked as senior legal counsel for a storage facility overseeing commercial agreements with storage customers, construction contracts, environmental agreements, land acquisitions, and legal/regulatory matters.  Laurie knows first-hand the challenges of expanding and operating a physical facility in Alberta and the associated regulatory requirements. After 16 years as in-house counsel, Laurie brings a strong appreciation of clients’ business objectives and the ability to align those objectives with legal strategy in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Representative Work

  • Storage Industry: Extensive experience in all aspects of the regulatory approval, operation and expansion of underground storage operations, including working with technical experts and addressing the legislative and regulatory challenges facing the storage industry in Alberta. 
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Drafting, advising on and litigating contracts associated with the industry, including marketing contracts and defending against class actions both as an in-house and an external counsel.
  • Competition Law: Experience with defending allegations of anti-competitive behaviour under the Competition Act, including allegations of conspiracy, restrictive trade practices, price maintenance, exclusive dealing/market restriction and agreements to lessen competition substantially, as well as defending actions seeking civil remedies for alleged violations of the Act. 
  • Joint Venture Relationships: Extensive experience with the management of and corporate governance associated with joint ventures in the oil and gas industry. 
  • Large Document Litigation Management: Coordinating and managing complicated oil and gas and commercial litigation files with large document productions both as an in-house and an external counsel.