Anne E. Weppler

Anne E. Weppler  

Law Clerk

Executive Summary

Anne Weppler is a Real Estate Law Clerk in the Commercial Real Estate Department of our Ottawa office. Anne has more than 30 years of legal experience with over 20 of those years in the area of commercial real estate.

Anne’s depth of experience results from assisting our professionals in a broad range of commercial real estate transactions with a particular emphasis on acquisitions, dispositions, financings and land development of real estate assets in Ottawa and other jurisdictions in the Province of Ontario.

Anne’s responsibilities include reviewing and summarizing title searches, reviewing surveys/reference plans, conducting real property and corporate due diligence, drafting requisitions on title, document preparation, assisting in closing transactions, preparing preliminary and final reports and compiling transaction books. In addition, Anne prepares Land Titles applications for purposes of land development and has been involved in a number of commercial condominium development transactions. Anne is familiar with the Registry, Land Titles and Polaris systems of title searching and registration in both the paper-based and electronic land registration systems.

Anne is committed to providing exceptional service to the firm’s professionals and clients.