Catherine Pronovost CHRP


Executive Summary

Catherine Pronovost practises employment and labour law, focusing primarily on occupational health and safety and labour relations. Such duality gives Ms. Pronovost an interesting edge, as often health and safety matters have an impact on labour relations, and vice versa. Ms. Pronovost has a practical approach to workplace challenges and commits to finding simple and efficient solutions, keeping in mind her clients' particular approach and goals with respect to management of human resources.

She acts frequently in litigation matters for clients in both unionized and non-unionized environments, particularly regarding the management of employment injury claims, health and safety prevention mechanisms, interpretation of collective agreements, disciplinary management and the application of labour standards. Ms. Pronovost also advises clients of the firm on human resources management and labour law matters generally.

Ms. Pronovost was part of the BLG labour and employment team from 2006 to 2010. She then joined another major Canadian law firm. She has been back at BLG since October 2018.

Representative Work

  • Acts as a strategic advisor in cases connected with prevention, planning and management of both individual and collective labour relations and human resources.
  • Managed multiple CNESST claims for various clients and represented clients before the Tribunal administratif du travail on numerous occasions.
  • Developed a simple and effective approach for dealing with the legalization of cannabis in Canada.
  • Successfully represented a client in the context of a serious workplace accident (claim under section 237 LSST).

Publications & Presentations

  • ​Co-Author, "An Employer Convicted of Manslaughter Following the Death of his Employee on the Job," April 2018.
  • Co-Author, "Vers une nouvelle pondération du critère de la volonté des salariés dans le cadre du fractionnement d'une unité d'accréditation?," CRHA, June 2017.
  • Author, "Discrimination in employment based on civil status: spouses are not barred from working in a superior-subordinate relationship," Lexology, CRHA, June 2014.
  • Author, "Gestion préventive de l'amiante dans les milieux de travail : de nouvelles règles," Travail et Santé, June 2013.
  • Author, "Bill 60: revamping of Quebec's occupational health and safety plan," Lexology, May 2012.
  • Author, "Comment s'applique l'article 45 du Code du travail lors d'une fusion?," CRHA, April 2012.
  • Author, "Augmentation salariale annuelle et ajustement salarial en vertu de l'exercice d'équité salariale : deux concepts distincts," La Référence RH, 2011.
  • Author, "Le ralentissement des activités et le droit à la grève : une distinction importante," La Référence RH, 2011.
  • Author, "La caméra vous a à l'œil," Barreau du Québec, 2008.
  • Numerous presentations to clients and in the context of seminars on the following topics: employer's duty to accommodate, psychological harassment, the hiring process, social media, managing employee leaves, employment terminations, workplace health and safety and management of fitness for duty.