Olu Muili  

Law Clerk

Executive Summary

​Olu Muili is the Regional Coordinator of the Corporate Services Law Clerks in the Corporate Department of our Toronto office.

As a senior corporate law clerk with over 20 years of experience, Olu has extensive knowledge of the Ontario and Canada Business Corporations Acts with respect to the incorporation and organization of companies, the preparation and filing of Articles of Amendment, as well as the Amalgamation, Continuance, Dissolution and Revival of corporations. Over the years, Olu has also developed a particular expertise in the areas of corporate due diligence searches, minute book review and summary, extra-provincial and business name registrations, and annual maintenance of corporations.

Olu has also gained a tremendous amount of experience in transactional work; particularly, in regards to corporate re-organizations which includes: share purchase transactions, estate freezes and corporate and tax restructuring.

Olu prides herself in her attention to detail and her organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills, and her willingness to continue to learn and grow in the area of corporate law