Antonella Miglionico

Antonella Miglionico  

Law Clerk

Executive Summary

Antonella has worked in the area of insurance defence litigation for 25 years.  She focuses on personal injury, municipal and police liability, occupiers’ liability and motor vehicle accident claims. She is responsible for managing all aspects of files, including drafting key documents, summarizing evidence, liaising with witnesses and preparing matters for examination for discovery, mediation and trial.

Antonella assists with:

  • generally overseeing all aspects of files;
  • drafting pleadings and other key documents;
  • preparing files for examinations for discovery, including drafting affidavits of documents, preparing appropriate briefs, liaising with witnesses, organizing opposing party’s productions and summarizing productions;
  • managing discovery evidence, including preparing charts of undertakings, liaising with discovery witnesses to obtain answers to undertakings, and obtaining and summarizing opposing parties' answers to undertakings;
  • identifying and retaining experts;
  • preparing motion materials;
  • preparing files for mediations and pre-trials, including drafting of mediation and pre-trial memoranda; and
  • trial preparation, including liaising with witnesses, briefing documents and preparing Evidence Act notices.