Cindy Lowe  


Executive Summary

Cindy Lowe is a paralegal with the title of “Trust Administrator” in the Estates and Trusts Department of our Vancouver office. Cindy has worked in the area of estate administration for over 25 years.

Cindy drafts all probate, administration, ancillary and resealing applications, and is involved in all matters relating to the administration of estates. This includes conducting Wills Notice and title searches; advertising for creditors; filing documents with the Probate Registry; post-Grant procedures, including client reporting, supplementary affidavit filing, transmitting/ transferring/liquidating estate assets (real property, bank accounts, term investments, securities and bonds); preparing and filing property transmission and transfer documents with the Land Title Office; preparing notarial certificates; handling estate funds, which include trust deposit of cheques and requisition of trust cheques; maintaining accurate trust account records; attending to legacy payments to legatees, interim and final distributions to residual beneficiaries; assisting with income tax matters by assembling tax data for forwarding to accountants; preparing T5 and NR4 tax slips and summaries; drafting Executors’/Administrators’ Accounts and forms of Release and Discharge; and generally assisting up to the finalization of an estate.