Maryse Khalil-Wasfy

Maryse Khalil-Wasfy  

Translator, Legal Translation

Executive Summary

Maryse Khalil-Wasfy is a translator specializing in the financial and securities sectors. In addition to prospectuses, management information circulars, annual information forms and other continuous disclosure documents, Maryse is primarily responsible for the translation of regulatory documents pertaining to the securities industry, especially the rules and regulations of self-regulatory organizations operating in that sector.

Maryse has been with the Legal Translation Services of our Montréal office since 2005. She is fluent in German and Arabic, and occasionally assists with German-language matters in files for various groups within our Firm.

Prior to joining BLG, Maryse translated legal, financial and banking documents, notably for self-regulating bodies in various sectors. She has translated and revised Arabic-language documents for the Government of Canada and school text books for certain publishing firms. Before becoming a translator, Maryse was a practising lawyer in Alexandria, Egypt.