Cherie Brant  


Executive Summary

Cherie is a Partner in our Electricity and Indigenous Law Groups. She has a commercial practice across a wide variety of sectors including, energy and transmission, land development and financing on First Nations lands, franchising, cannabis and economic development. She also provides strategic policy and governance counsel to Indigenous groups seeking to exercise their jurisdiction and authority.

Industry clients in the natural resource, energy and infrastructure sectors will seek Cherie's counsel when developing projects or partnerships with Indigenous groups and to understand the legal considerations relevant to Canada, and with respect to the constitutionally protected interests of the Indigenous nations with which Canada shares its land and jurisdiction.

In 2017, Cherie received the Lexpert Zenith Award, a national award recognizing women's contributions in the law. In 2012, she was named one of Lexpert's "Rising Stars: Leading Lawyers Under 40".

In 2012, Cherie completed the first 100 per cent First Nation owned wind-power project in Ontario and is active in renewable energy development having now completed over 300 MW of renewable energy partnerships involving First Nations and completed over 1000 MW of partnerships involving First Nations for competitive procurement processes. As lead counsel to the First Nations Energy Alliance (a consortium of twenty First Nations) on the Integrated Power System Plan review before the Ontario Energy Board, her counsel was instrumental in promoting Aboriginal participation models for renewable energy procurement.

Representative Work

  • ​Counsel to developers and Indigenous groups across Canada on renewable and green energy projects and transmission projects
  • Completed over 1000 MW of commercial partnerships involving First Nations and over 300 MW of installed capacity for First Nations
  • Lead Counsel to Ontario Chiefs-in-Assembly on the creation of Ontario First Nation Sovereign Wealth LP, a partnership among 129 First Nations in Ontario, on the negotiation to acquire 2.4% of Hydro One Limited from the Province of Ontario and obtain a significant seed capital contribution for long term wealth creation
  • Special Counsel to 1000 MW merchant transmission line project that is proposed to connect Canada/USA through the IESO and PJM networks
  • Counsel to First Nations Energy Alliance (representing 16 First Nations) on the Integrated Power System Plan proceedings at the Ontario Energy Board  
  • Counsel to First Nations intervenors on East-West Tie proceeding to develop a 450 km transmission line in Northern Ontario
  • Counsel to several First Nation Development Corporations established to attract own source revenues for First Nations and lead to long term economic sustainability
  • Counsel on joint venture agreements among Indigenous groups and infrastructure companies for competitive procurement processes in mining and infrastructure
  • Counsel to national retailer developing franchises on First Nations lands
  • Counsel to First Nations on land and retail development projects involving leasing, financing and establishing franchises on First Nations lands
  • Counsel to a First Nation for a large impact benefit agreement in the Ring of Fire in northern Ontario
  • Counsel to an Aboriginal Housing Fund that administers multi-residential development loans for Indigenous projects in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Counsel to several First Nations and industry/government groups on the development of consultation policies and frameworks for Indigenous engagement  
  • Counsel to First Nations on the establishment of cannabis laws on First Nations
  • Counsel to First Nations Cannabis producers and retailers on licence and project development on Indigenous lands
  • Counsel on several commercial financings for multi-residential, industrial and commercial properties ($5M to $50M)
  • Borrower counsel on several loan refinancing ranging for industrial and commercial properties across Ontario ($5M to $80M)
  • General Counsel to several First Nations, First Nation Tribal Organizations and community based renewable energy association (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association)

Publications & Presentations

  • Presenter, Energizing Atlantic First Nations Clean Energy Conference, Preparing First Nations lands for Energy Development, February, 2019
  • Moderator, National Indigenous Cannabis and Hemp Conference, First Nations Cannabis laws workshop, February, 2019
  • Presenter, Wadell Phillips CLE 2019, Creating Lasting Working Relationships with Indigenous People, February, 2019
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  • Presenter, AFOA Canada Nation Conference 2016: Nipissing First Nation Energy Development, Montreal, February, 17-19 2016
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  • Presenter, "First Nations Renewable Energy Projects," 7th Annual World Wind Energy Association, June 2008  

Rankings & Recognitions

  • Lexpert Leading Lawyer for Aboriginal Law (since 2013)
  • Lexpert Leading Lawyer for Energy Law (since 2015)
  • Lexpert Zenith Award Winner, 2017
  • Lexpert Rising Stars, Leading Lawyers Under 40, 2012