As we approach Halloween, employers should be aware of the new electronic Travel Authorization (“eTA”) program. Starting March 15, 2016, most visa-exempt foreign nationals will not be permitted to board an airplane bound for Canada without first obtaining an eTA. The eTA policy is expected to affect many travellers to Canada. Excluding citizens of the United States, who are exempt from the eTA requirement, visa-exempt foreign nationals represent approximately 74% of foreign nationals who arrive by air in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that applying for an eTA is an inexpensive ($7 Canadian) online process that will take just a few minutes and that most eTA-eligible applicants will get their authorization within minutes of submitting the online form. However, an applicant may be referred for a manual review by an immigration officer and could be found inadmissible to Canada because of potential security risks, previous criminality, health concerns, insufficient financial resources, or a misrepresentation during the application process. Such applicants will be required to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit, which requires the applicant to have a compelling justification for wishing to enter Canada.

Please see BLG's Business Immigration Alert entitled "New Electronic Travel Authorization Required for Visa-Exempt Individuals Entering Canada" for more information.


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