The Reporter provides a monthly summary of federal legislative and regulatory developments of relevance to federally regulated financial institutions. It does not address provincial financial services legislative and regulatory developments, although this information is tracked by BLG and can be provided on request. In addition, purely technical and administrative changes (such as changes to reporting forms) are not covered.

January 2014



Title and Brief Summary



[Applicable to banks, cooperatives, trust and loan companies, and insurance companies]

Issued — Jan 20, 2014

Draft Advisory — Changes to the Membership of the Board and Senior Management
The purpose of this Advisory is to outline  the process for notifying OSFI of potential changes to the membership of the Board or Senior Management of a federally-regulated financial institution (FRFI). As such, this Advisory complements OSFI’s Corporate Governance Guideline (CGG), published in January 2013.

Interested parties are requested to provide their comments on the draft Advisory by February 28, 2014.


Financial Services Sectors
Insurance — Corporate and Regulatory