BLG Adroit’s National Co-Leaders, Patricia Olah and Andrew Terrett, recently published an article in The 2013/2014 Lexpert®CCA/ACCJE Corporate Directory and Yearbook titled “The ‘New Normal’ – Not So New Anymore”.  This article addresses the state of the business of law in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and how the demands of corporate clients for cost-control and “value” are being met through the application of legal project management and legal process improvement in the delivery of legal services.

It includes a description of these methodologies as applied under the BLG Adroit program and their benefits to both clients and law firms, as well as a case study on the application of these methodologies to a process improvement project conducted by BLG Adroit, a BLG partner in the Commercial Litigation group and a long-time client in relation to the client’s portfolio of personal injury lawsuits managed by BLG.

The article concludes with the following prediction:  “For those law firms and clients who understand that legal project management and legal process improvement drive better client service, we are confident that they will continue to thrive in the now not-so-new-normal.” 

To read the full article, click here.


John Godber