On April 8th, 2008, Bill C-52, entitled “An Act respecting the safety of consumer products”, was presented to the House of Commons for its first reading, following recent incidents of unsafe consumer products reported in the news. If sanctioned, it would come into force upon proclamation. The aim of the bill is to modernize the regulatory regime for consumer products in Canada, in order to ensure that the public is protected from the dangers posed to human health and safety by everyday consumer products. Its preamble states that the lack of full scientific certainty, with regards to the possible adverse effects on human health of consumer products, will not prevent protective measures from being taken, if such adverse effects could potentially be serious or irreversible.

type Advisory - Corporate Commercial Group - April 2008 - The Potential Impact Of Federal Bill C-52 On Those Involved In The Manufacture, Importing, Sale, Advertising, Packaging And Labelling Of Consumer Products