Lawyers have long debated the 40-year rule for title under the Ontario registry system. This article explained the rule, and showed that it protected property rights. In 1995, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed an important Ontario Court of Appeal decision on the rule, in Fire and Longtin. The article was published before then, but supported the result. Recently, the Ontario Court of Appeal dealt with the rule again, in the Ramsay case. The court referred with approval to the basic principles in the article. On March 23, 2006, the Supreme Court of Canada refused leave to appeal the Ramsay case. The Court of Appeal decision, giving this approval to the article, is currently the last word on the rule. This publication contains a copy of the original article, published in 1995. A separate document contains comments on the research that led to the article.

type Valid Title Under the Ontario Registry System - How the Forty Year Rule Works