On March 3, 2003, the Ministry of Energy released the Report of Salvatore Badali of Deloitte Consulting entitled “Review of Ontario Electricity Bills” (the “Report”). Mr. Badali undertook the significant and complex task of analyzing the charges and bill formats of approximately 95 local electricity distribution companies (“LDCs”). The Report encompasses a spectrum of specific charge and bill format reforms and tackles broader policy issues of Ontario Energy Board (“OEB”) review of LDC variable and fixed charges and conservation measures. The Minister of Energy at the press conference releasing the Report endorsed all the Report’s recommendations. The Report’s recommendations on the simplification of charges and bill formats are likely to be well received by those residential and small business consumers to whom the Report is directed. The impact for LDCs who will be faced with implementation procedures and costs of the Report will require further analysis. This Bulletin is a brief summary of the main themes of the Report.

type Energy Markets Bulletin - Ontario Electricity Bills: Update on the Badali Report