On May 14, 2009, the Ontario Energy Board (the “OEB”) released a Notice of Proposal to amend the Distribution System Code (the “DSC”). This proposal seeks to address the need to connect viable distributed generation projects (and in particular, renewable generation projects) to distribution systems in a timely manner, and to ensure that generation projects that are not likely to proceed do not impede the allocation of capacity to more viable projects. In particular, the amendments are meant to address the current backlog of generation projects awaiting connection to a generation system, and to accommodate what is expected to be a significant increase in renewable energy projects through the Ontario Power Authority’s (the “OPA’s”) Feed-in-Tariff (“FIT”), a key element of the recently enacted Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 (Bill 150).

type Energy Markets Bulletin – June 2009 – OEB Issues Proposal to Amend the Distribution System Code to Enhance the Generation Connection Process