In an October 29, 2008 Notice of Proposal to amend the Transmission System Code (the "TSC"), the Ontario Energy Board (the "OEB") has circulated a series of proposed amendments to the TSC that would provide for the establishment and funding of "enabler" lines or facilities – described in the Ontario Power Authority’s Integrated Power System Plan (the "IPSP") as dedicated radial transmission lines designed to connect clusters of renewable generation facilities. The IPSP is currently before the OEB, although the IPSP proceeding has been adjourned pending revisions arising out of a September, 2008 directive from the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. The OEB notes that ten renewable resource clusters are identified in the IPSP, and that for three of these, the IPSP also describes the associated enabler lines.

type Energy Markets Bulletin - November 26, 2008 - Ontario Energy Board Seeks Comments on Proposed Transmission System Code Amendments to Address "Enabler Facilities"