After a grueling nine-day climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) lawyers, Chris Bredt, Steve Winder, Christina Litt and their team reached Africa's highest peak and raised over $92,000 to support children's literacy in Tanzania. All funds raised by the climbers will be matched 3:1 by the Canadian International Development Agency, for a total of over $370,000. This money will be used to support CODE's Children's Book Project in Tanzania, which supplies libraries with locally-published materials to teach children how to read.

The team was led by BLG lawyer, Christopher Bredt, who is Chair of the Canadian Organization for Development through Education's (CODE) Board of Directors and the creative force behind the Summit of Literacy climb. CODE is an award-winning Canadian charitable organization that promotes education and literacy in developing countries. The Children's Book Project benefits over 300 teachers and 49,000 children in 79 schools in Tanzania.

BLG is a strong supporter of children’s literacy programs. In September of 2003, the firm launched BLG Reads to Kids, a nation-wide initiative that allows over 400 professionals and employees to read with children from kindergarten to grade three in schools located in economically disadvantaged areas across Canada. To help encourage children to read at an early age, BLG has supplemented the program with a book donation drive.