Although Canadians are enthusiastic about embracing green behaviours and clean technologies, we continue to rank as some of the world's top polluters, says Adam Chamberlain, a partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and National Leader of the Firm's Climate Change Group.

'We tend to think of ourselves as green but as a developed country, we produce more waste per person and use more energy than any other country in the world,' Chamberlain says.

But, there is hope for us yet. Ontario's Green Energy Act, which was adopted in May, set out what Chamberlain calls a 'groundbreaking' tiered energy-pricing strategy in which producers of clean energy are guaranteed higher prices and superior access to the grid. The outcome? An increase in not only adoption but innovation due to producers being given a stimulus to refine their technologies to increase profit per kilowatt hour.