With the success of the three-day Canada India Foundation's Canada India Energy Forum in Toronto last week, it's clear that Canada 's trade relationship with India is experiencing a significant amount of growth.

'The seniority and sophistication of the speakers and panelists at the forum indicates the degree of importance both countries attach to their relationship,' says Manoj Pundit, a partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP who heads the Firm's India Desk and also co-chaired the forum. 'And the forum allowed participants to share market intelligence in their respective economies and explore opportunities to do business.'

And with the resurgence of interest in nuclear energy as a major source of electric power and with Canada and India along the path in emulating France , Russia and the U.S. in signing a nuclear pact with India , the potential for civil deployment of nuclear technology within India has become apparent.

' Canada 's unique uranium deposits and advanced nuclear technology can supply end-to-end civil nuclear technology to India ,' says Pundit. 'Historically, Canada and India have co-operated on nuclear projects, and they are working to restore that relationship.'