As climate change is increasingly touted as a priority south of the border, it’s likely to have an effect on the Canadian legal environment, says Adam Chamberlain, a partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and National Leader of the Firm’s Climate Change Group.

The United States, says Chamberlain, will 'decide how to move forward. Then we will look to see where we can harmonize.' And early signs indicate that Canada is already moving toward aligning itself legislatively with the climate change approach taken in the U.S. For example, as the U.S. moved from an intensity-based approach to cap and trade, provinces such as Alberta already as such as system in place.

And as the legal terrain continues to shift, clients, says Chamberlain, 'are coming to us increasingly. [They want to know] what do we do to prepare for it?'

The emphasis, Chamberlain adds, with helping to guide clients successfully through the transition 'is on both managing risk and identifying opportunities.'