Entrée Gold Inc. enters into C$55 million financing arrangement with Sandstorm Gold Ltd.

Closing Date: 2/15/2013

Value: C$55 million

On February 15, 2013, Entrée Gold Inc. (Entrée) entered into a comprehensive financing arrangement with Sandstorm Gold Ltd. (Sandstorm) for immediate gross proceeds of approximately US$55 million.  The arrangement consists of three components: a private placement for $10 million, a royalty grant in respect of Entrée’s Ann Mason and Blue Hill properties in Nevada for approximately $5 million and a metal sale agreement which includes the immediate payment of a $40 million refundable deposit.  The metal sale agreement is unique in that is it a “synthetic” metal sale agreement that does not require delivery of metal sourced from Entrée’s mineral properties.  Rather, the amount and timing of metal deliveries are determined with reference to production from Entrée’s Mongolian joint venture property, but metal actually delivered need not come from any particular source.

Entrée was represented by Randy Morphy and Kim Maguire of BLG as tax counsel.