Citigroup acquires Unisen Holdings from AGF  

Date Closed: 10/03/2005

Value: US$97.5 million

On October 3, 2005, AGF Management Ltd. completed the sale of Unisen Holdings Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Unisen Inc. to CitiFinancial Canada, Inc., an indirect subsidiary of Citigroup Inc. The acquisition is valued at US$97.5 million subject to adjustments for working capital, revenue thresholds and options on certain assets of the Unisen operations. Unisen will be fully integrated into Citigroup’s Global Transaction Services division, which operates in 102 countries. Unisen will continue to service all existing clients. Unisen will also continue to service AGF and AGF mutual funds under a 10-year service agreement. AGF is one of Canada’s premier investment management companies with offices across Canada and subsidiaries around the world.

In connection with the services agreement, AGF Funds Inc. was represented in-house by Mark Adams, vice-president, legal counsel; by Kathryn Ash and Liz Jordan of BLG.