Montreal Canadiens and John Hancock complete monetization with Bell Canada

Date Closed: 2/22/2002

Value: $100 million

The Montreal Canadiens and John Hancock Life Insurance Company completed, on March 14, 2003, the monetization of the $100 million sponsorship agreement entered into with Bell Canada on February 22, 2002, providing Bell Canada with elements of advertising prominence on the inside and on the outside of the Bell Centre and the status of major sponsor. The monetization transaction also required the participation of the National Hockey League (NHL), Molson Inc., an indirect shareholder of the Montreal Canadiens and a significant sponsor of the team, and the Montreal Canadiens's syndicate of lenders.

Bell Canada was represented in-house by Jean-François Legault, vice-president and general counsel in Quebec, assisted by John Godber, Sylvie Bouvette and Vincent Frenette of BLG in Montreal.