​​Fluidigm Corporation completes cross-border merger with DVS Sciences, Inc.

Date Closed: 2/13/2014

Value: C$207.5 million

On February 13, 2014, Fluidigm Corporation (Fluidigm), a supplier of microfluidic systems and industry-leader in single-cell genomics technology based out of San Francisco, completed a cross-border merger with DVS Sciences, Inc. (DVS), a biotechnology company with operations in California, Ontario and the U.K. best known for its single-cell protein analysis systems.  The value of the transaction was approximately $207.5 million and is expected to strengthen Fluidigm’s position as an industry leader in single-cell analysis. 

BLG represented Fluidigm in Canada, with a team led by Anthony Milazzo that included Tim Bailey, Andrew Loh, Eric Boehm, Rick Coburn, Michelle Henry, Kate Dearden, Tamila Ivanov, Alfred Page, James Szumski, Vincent DeRose, Zirwan Derwa, Do-Ellen Hansen and Daniel Lang.