Our work for First Nations includes the provision of advice with respect to Indigenous business interests, economic development corporations, tribal councils, provincial and national political organizations. We have handled large constitutional and commercial litigation cases and have made submissions based upon the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. BLG has been consulted by policy makers for advice on general legal strategy and policy implementation, both domestically and in the international legal context, with respect to the recognition of the special rights and interests of the First Nation, Inuit and Metis people of Canada.

Our lawyers have well-established relationships and a reputation for excellence at senior levels at both Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada as well as the various provincial and territorial ministries for Indigenous Affairs. We have a broad based and national Indigenous Law practice and expertise on issues related to the Duty to Consult, traditional knowledge, hunting and fishing rights, and economic development issues related to First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities and organizations. We have a vast expertise in modern treaty negotiation and implementation processes and have been successful in negotiating and representing clients in Impact and Benefit Agreements involving natural resources projects across the country.

Our Indigenous Law practice has assisted Indigenous businesses to be created, structured and organized in a way to meet their particular needs so they can reach their specific goals and benefit from our wide expertise in business law. We are among the few national firms to have Indigenous members among our Indigenous law practitioners, allowing us to have a better understanding of our clients' specific needs on all levels.

We also have significant expertise advising resource development proponents, financial institutions and governments in relation to the broad range of Indigenous issues and in relation to all major industries in Canada.

As a full service firm committed to providing national services in the four directions, BLG has frequently been called upon to give legal advice to clients with interests in northern Canada. We have developed a special expertise and a strong focus with our Team North initiative. As such, we are familiar with territorial legislation, regulatory regimes and Northern Land Claims Agreements.