Executive Summary

BLG offers the complete spectrum of e-discovery services from initial consultation, data collection, culling and document review, to the exchange of productions. BLG Discovery Services professionals are experts in the use of Relativity, our e-discovery platform, and provide best in class case management while reducing the cost of review.

Based on a thorough understanding of legal, strategic and budgetary constraints of each matter, pricing is tailored to client needs, balancing compliance and efficiency. Our services include planning and consultation, case management, database administration, document production, end-user training and support. Data processing and hosting are typically priced from 25% to 50% less than comparable commercial rates.

Our Discovery Services team can advise clients on key and urgent data preservation issues such as:

  1. How to recognize and acknowledge events that may trigger a preservation obligation
  2. How to address urgent preservation issues such as departing employees, system upgrades or decommissioning
  3. How to scope potential sources of relevant data and ensure that all potential sources (mobile, online, cloud-based) are canvassed
  4. How to negotiate the scope of preservation with opposing counsel
  5. How to issue, oversee, modify and release an effective litigation hold

How Discovery Services Works

BLG’s e-discovery platform offers clients secure, remote access to a Canadian-hosted solution, provisioned on secure servers dedicated to BLG’s exclusive use. Databases are configured and managed by BLG. This provides clients with complete control over their information and data.

Across the country, BLG’s experienced Discovery Services team of professionals provides onsite assistance to lawyers and clients at every stage of the discovery process. Case administrators can be assigned to process data and configure workspaces remotely, to ramp up cases quickly and directly respond to client needs.

BLG clients benefit from flexible methods conforming to timelines and budgets, as well as an innovative approach to scoping and managing document review, which generates quality results. Workflows and templates can be customized for each client. Additionally, client data stays within the enhanced privilege umbrella of the firm.

Value for Clients

In its first year, BLG’s Discovery Services has saved clients over $1 million through our bulk buying power.

BLG has been retained by several top tier companies in various sectors to manage all Discovery Services work in multi-year agreements. Examples of the savings and efficiency we’ve already achieved for clients: 

  • A client headquartered in Vancouver saved at least $200,000 on data processing and hosting costs
  • For a Calgary client, BLG issued productions from an initial collection of eight million records in only eleven weeks, using technology-assisted review

Please contact Kelly Friedman or a regional Discovery Services Manager to learn more or to get started.