Braek Urquhart  


Executive Summary

Braek Urquhart is a lawyer in BLG's commodity tax group. Braek's practice focuses on Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax, provincial sales taxes, and land transfer tax. Braek also deals with other commodity taxes such as taxes on insurance, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Braek represents clients who are resolving disputes with tax authorities, dealing with complex compliance issues, considering the commodity tax implications of their Canadian activities, or seeking to plan their activities in a tax efficient manner. 

Representative Work

  • ​Advising international clients on their tax compliance obligations with respect to their Canadian activities (sales to Canadian companies, using Canadian subcontractors, locating part of their business in Canada, etc.)
  • Representing public institutions and businesses in tax disputes with the CRA and with provincial tax authorities.
  • Advising on corporate reorganizations and intercompany transactions.
  • Advising public sector bodies and financial services providers with GST/HST compliance issues.
  • Assisting entities with the commodity tax implications of complex transactions.

Publications & Presentations