Scott Kerwin

Scott Kerwin  


Executive Summary

Scott Kerwin is a litigation partner in our Vancouver office, Regional Leader of our Estate Litigation Group, Regional Co-Leader of our Family Wealth Counsel Group, and National Co-Leader of our Indigenous Law Group. He practises in the areas of  trusts, estates and incapacity dispute resolution; Indigenous law; constitutional law; and general litigation. 

Scott's trusts and estates litigation practice involves probate (litigation disputes concerning the validity of wills); claims to rectify or vary wills under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act; restitution claims against estates; the appointment of committees under the Patients Property Act; applications concerning the administration of estates and trusts, including the removal and replacement of executors and trustees; variations of trusts pursuant to the Trust and Settlement Variation Act; and applications to the court for the interpretation of wills and trusts.

In the Indigenous law field, Scott's primary focus concerns Indigenous rights and title claims and the Crown's duty to consult Indigenous groups.

Prior to being called to the bar, Scott completed a judicial clerkship with the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Representative Work

Estates and Trusts

Indigenous Litigation

Civil Litigation

Publications & Presentations

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  • Author, "Stare Decisis in the BC Supreme Court:  Revisiting Hansard Spruce Mills," The Advocate, Volume 62, July 2004.
  • Contributing Author, BLG's Aboriginal Legal Issues e-Newsletter, a publication providing case summaries and updates on Indigenous legal issues in Canada and other common law jurisdictions, 2000-present.
  • Author, three chapters in the British Columbia Probate and Estate Administration Practice Manual (Chapters 15, 16 and 17, concerning executors' accounts, compensation claims by executors and administrators, and solicitors' fees), The Continuing Legal Education of BC (CLE BC), 2005-present.

Rankings & Recognitions

  • ​Recognized in the 2019 (and since 2014) editions of The Best Lawyers in Canada (Trusts and Estates).