Shin Hung

Shin Hung P.Eng.


Executive Summary

Shin Hung is a registered Canadian and US patent agent and professional engineer in our Intellectual Property Group in our Ottawa office. Shin specializes in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the high technology field, with particular expertise relating to semiconductor transistor, circuit design and manufacturing technologies.

In addition to prosecuting patent applications directly with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Shin has extensive experience directing patent prosecution in Europe, China, Japan and Taiwan. Shin regularly travels to China to promote the profile of BLG, and is a regular attendee of the yearly technical Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ International Solid State Circuits Conference. He also coordinates the internal national BLG Patent Agent Training Program.

Prior to joining BLG in 1999, Shin worked in the Ottawa high-tech industry for several years where he reverse-engineered and analyzed circuits from DRAM, FLASH, SRAM, ROM, DSP and ASIC devices.

Representative Work

  • Demonstrated ability to support and defend written analysis regarding operation of a DRAM device as an expert witness in the presence of the International Trade Commission prior to joining BLG.
  • Travelled to meet with inventors at client site locally and internationally.
  • Conducted patentability searches for potential new inventions, and prepared patentability opinions.
  • Drafted and prosecuted patents for established and start-up companies.
  • Conducted telephone and in-person interviews with Canadian and US patent Examiners during the course of patent prosecution.
  • Conducted in-person interview with European Patent Office Examiner.
  • Advanced US patent prosecution experience: pre-appeal briefs, appeal briefs, inter partes re-examination.