Michael Condé  

Director, Discovery Services

Executive Summary

Michael Condé is Director of the firm's Discovery Services team, which provides e-discovery support and solutions to our lawyers and clients. Based in our Vancouver office and working in conjunction with our National E-Discovery Counsel, Michael has firm-wide operational responsibility for our team of Discovery Services professionals across five offices. His responsibilities include administering the functional and technical requirements of the Discovery Services team; monitoring e-discovery resources, projects and services; participation in developing and implementing national e-discovery systems, standards and procedures; providing in-house e-discovery consulting services to lawyers and their clients; assisting in the development and delivery of e-discovery training programs for end users; monitoring and evaluating emerging trends in e-discovery technology and processes; and supporting the use of the firm's leading edge e-discovery solutions and processes.

Michael also manages discovery document review projects and liaises with litigation practice groups to assess and plan their e-discovery requirements for specific projects and encourage the wider use of e-discovery technology. As well, he contributes to national in-house and external CLE programs on litigation technology and e-discovery.