We advise on a wide range of contracts and transactions that arise in the day-to-day operations of health care providers. Generally, on smaller agreements, we will review what the organization's staff or suppliers have drafted. On larger and more important agreements, we will become involved in the actual negotiating and drafting of the agreements. We have a large number of precedents that can be adapted to many situations, which makes the contractual review process efficient.

We draft and review various agreements, such as accountability agreements, all forms of commercial agreements, supply agreements, research agreements, affiliation agreements between teaching hospitals and affiliated universities, retail space licence agreements, parking facilities and other commercial and not-for-profit operations, management and services agreements.

We draft and review hospital and medical (professional staff) by-laws from minor by-law amendments to major re-writes and reviews of by-laws and governance policies and ensure compliance with all the relevant legislation.


Representative Work

  • Funding agreements including transfer payment and grant agreements and alternative payment plan agreements.
  • Information technology system contracts.
  • Service Accountability Agreements—H-SAA, M-SAA and L-SAA.
  • Supply agreements.
  • Affiliation agreements and student placement agreements.
  • Banking and investment management agreements.
  • Stipend agreements and physician leadership agreements.
  • Commercial service provider agreements (food service, laundry, facilities management and maintenance).
  • Donor agreements.
  • Agreements to permit filming within a facility.
  • International consulting services agreements.
  • Collaboration agreements.