Today, more than ever before, health care providers are exploring creative alternatives for revenue generation and maximizing operating efficiencies. This challenge is complicated by an increasingly complex legal environment.  To guide you through the regulatory labyrinth, you need a legal partner who can navigate the pitfalls.

Whether you are looking to establish an off-site physiotherapy clinic, conduct the joint purchase of an MRI machine, or grant concessions to a food service chain within your facility, we have the expertise to ensure you reach your goal without running into any unacceptable risks. Some of the challenges we have helped our clients address include:

  • Maintaining charitable status under the income tax act while engaging in a business activity
  • Determining strategies to minimize liability and risk associated with a new activity
  • Implications of conducting services outside of Canada
  • The scope of non-insured services under the Health Insurance Act
  • Reputational risk
  • Maintaining sufficient governance control when a new entity is created
  • Issues with holding shares in a business corporation
  • When activities qualify as non-profit vs. profit
  • Community tax issues
  • Rights and obligations in partnership or other revenue sharing agreements

As part of a national, full-service law firm, our Healthcare Law Group draws on our real estate, tax, municipal and corporate-commercial strength to provide you with innovative business development solutions that work. With our extraordinary range of talent, we can provide the perfect complement to your team and achieve the results you are looking for.

Representative Work

  • Advice on regulatory issues in providing international services
  • Implementing structures to maximize revenue including Limited Partnership structures and business trusts.
  • Contracts for the commercialization of research
  • Partnerships with the private sector for the delivery of support services
  • Revenue sharing agreements with third parties who are commercial entities
  • Retail space licences
  • Franchise agreements
  • Consulting contracts
  • Joint venture agreement with private sector providers