• BA in World Religions, McGill University, 2013.
I chose BLG because…
I was consistently impressed with the lawyers and staff members who chose to work here. I also value the support and friendship of my fellow students, without whom I could not face the unique challenges of articling (like finding the copy room).
If I were not an aspiring lawyer, I would be…
Extremely disappointed. I would probably take my talents back to the restaurant industry and open a schnitzel house.
My most memorable experience at BLG is…
A two-way tie between making an application in chambers and placing 2nd in the bull-riding contest at BLG’s annual Summer Soirée. I was team blue.
When I’m not in the office I enjoy…
Cooking and eating, usually in that order. I also like beer league softball, basketball, drums, surfing, and my cat.
The BLG Experience

The BLG Experience

Students are invited to a wide variety of social events, some specifically arranged for you and your mentors

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