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C’est d’abord une équipe solide et expérimentée qui a pris l’engagement d’offrir l’excellence en matière de service et de produire des résultats qui dépassent les attentes des clients.


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BLG au sommet depuis dix ans

23 août 2017

Best Lawyers in Canada® reconnaît 239 avocats de BLG, dont 15 « avocats de l'année »

BLG accueille une nouvelle associée spécialisée dans les services financiers

14 août 2017

Christine Mason sera en poste au bureau de Toronto

Rapport sur la législation et la réglementation applicables aux institutions financières fédérales

9 août 2017

Le Reporter est un sommaire mensuel de l'évolution des législations et réglementations internationales et fédérales canadiennes qui sont pertinentes pour les institutions financières de régime fédéral au Canada.


Announcement from Canada Revenue Agency Charities Directorate – Charities and Giving: What’s New

23 août 2017

​The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced that they have started making automated courtesy calls notifying registered charities that the due date for filing their completed information return is approaching. Every registered charity, even those that are inactive, must file a complete information return each year, no later than six months after the end of its fiscal period. A charity's registered status may be revoked if it doesn't file. The automated message states that the annual return must be filed shortly, and provides information about contacting the CRA for additional details. It does not include any taxpayer information. If you received this call and your charity has already filed its return, disregard the message. The CRA has strong practices to protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information. When the CRA calls you, it has established procedures in place to make sure your personal information is protected. If you want to confirm the authenticity of a CRA telephone number, call the CRA by using the numbers on its Telephone numbers page.

Disagreement over interpretation of agreement is not proof of serious prima facie case of fraud sufficient to enjoin Bank from paying out upon letter of credit

21 août 2017

​In the recent decision SNC-Lavalin Polska SP. ZOO c. BNP Paris Canada, Justice Serge Gaudet of the Quebec Superior Court upholds the criteria set out by the Supreme Court of Canada in in the Angelica-Whitewear case of 1987 [(1987) 1 SCR 59] required to stop payment under a letter of credit. The Supreme Court had also indicated that, in order to obtain an interlocutory injunction to restrain the payment under the documentary credit, the applicant needs to establish a “strong prima facie case of fraud” (p.84).[40] As Justice Borenstein stated in Bombardier inc. v. Hermes Aero LLC (2004 CanLII 7014) “Disagreeing on the interpretation of the underlying agreement is not proof of serious prima facie case of fraud”. In that decision, Justice Borenstein relied on Justice Blair of Ontario who stated in Cineplex Odeon Corp v. 100 Bloor West General Partner inc. (1993 O.J. no. 112) , that“Fraud is not simply a legitimate dispute or disagreement over the interpretation of a contract, however one-sided that dispute may appear. While the notion of fraud may elude precise definition, it is a concept well-known to the law and it must in my view import some aspect or impropriety, dishonesty or deceit” [42] While the arguments presented by [Plaintiff] as to the proper interpretation of the relevant provisions of section 8 of the contract may appear to be quite convincing, this does not mean that Orlen’s own interpretation of the contract is abusive to the point of being tantamount to fraud... [45] At the risk of repetition, this is a dispute over the proper interpretation of the underlying contract and the Court, in the circumstances and at this preliminary stage, fails to see how Orlen’s interpretation would amount to fraud or deceit or dishonesty within the meaning of the Angelica-Whitewear test. This decision is important as it sets out the circumstances under which payment pursuant a letter of credit can be thwarted, or not!

The Nominee Director in Canada

16 août 2017

It is a common practice in Canada for an individual to be nominated as a director of a corporation by stakeholders who have a significant interest in the corporation, such as shareholders, employees or creditors. These directors are often called “nominee directors.” While the duties owed by a nominee director to the corporation are identical to those owed by an independent director, the relationship of the nominee director and his or her nominating stakeholders poses unique challenges to the nominee director in fulfilling their duties. It is important to understand these challenges to ensure that risks inherent in the nominee director’s position are mitigated and stakeholder expectations are effectively managed.


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