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Août 2015



Title and Brief Summary



Applicable to banks, cooperative credit associations, trust and loan companies and insurance companies]

Issued August 20, 2015

Draft Guideline on Operational Risk Management

The Draft Guideline on Operational Risk Management sets out OSFI's expectations for the management of operational risk and is applicable to all federally regulated financial institutions (other than branch operations of foreign banks and foreign insurance companies).

Comments should be submitted by October 9, 2015.


Issued August 17, 2015

Changes to rules and standards

The CPA Board of Directors approved multiple amendments to the Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS) rules at its June 18, 2015 meeting.

The Rules section is updated on the day the amendments come into effect.

  • Rules F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 and F12 have been consolidated into a significantly revised new Rule F1 and updated to reflect current business practices.
  • Rule F7 — Financial Institutions File (FIF)
    General review of the rule, including amendments related to the usage of the FIF status indicators.
  • Rule F8 — Direct Payment Routing Numbers
    General review of the rule .
  • Rule K8 — U.S. Dollar Automated Funds Transfer System
    General review of the rule.
  • Rule E1 — Shared Electronic Point-of-Service Payment Items
    Amendments to allow members to use AFT transactions to correct ABM errors.
  • Rule B1 — Intermember Clearing at Regional Settlement Points
    Amendments to ensure that ACSS/USBE Workstation requirements are in alignment with a new ACSS/USBE support model.
  • Rule K4 — U.S. Bulk Exchange Automated System
    Amendments to ensure that ACSS/USBE Workstation requirements are in alignment with a new ACSS/USBE support model.



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