David Wood

David Wood PhD

Senior Associate

Executive Summary

David Wood is a lawyer and patent agent in our Calgary office. David practices intellectual property and regulatory law. David is co-chair of the Borden Ladner Gervais Cannabis Industry Focus Group and his regulatory practice is specific to the Canadian cannabis industry.

David has advised licensed producers, pre-license entities, technology companies, and other domestic and foreign participants in the Canadian cannabis industry in relation to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and its regulations, including the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the “ACMPR”) and the Narcotic Control Regulations (the "NCR"). David is also helping various industry participants position themselves for expected changes under Bill C-45: An Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts, Eliz. II: 64-65-66 (the "Cannabis Act").

David’s intellectual property practice and experience includes:​​

  • drafting and prosecuting patent applications;
  • assessing patentability of technology, validity of patents, and infringement of patents, and other patent-related due diligence;
  • multi-jurisdictional patent portfolio management; and
  • patent litigation.

David has experience with chemical, biochemical, information, and mechanical technologies relating to cannabis, medical devices, imaging, oil and gas, and other industries.

During his doctoral work, David characterized a complex between DNA and metal ions using a number of biochemical and biophysical techniques, including surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, quenching of DNA-tethered fluorophores, and ethidium-based fluorescence assays. David’s education in structural biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, plant biochemistry, and natural products chemistry provides a strong technical background for advising clients in the Canadian cannabis industry in relation to both intellectual property and regulatory law.

In addition to his technical background, David’s understanding of the ACMPR and other applicable law, his close attention to the Cannabis Act and Alberta's Bill 26: An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis, and his familiarity with the Canadian cannabis industry and its participants, each add value when advising domestic and foreign clients in relation to developing or licensing technology related to the Canadian cannabis industry.

Representative Work

  • ​Advising an international pharmaceutical company in relation the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the "ACMPR"), cannabis supply, regulatory compliance and dosage forms.
  • Advising a national pharmacy chain in relation to cannabis supply, regulatory compliance and new product categories.
  • Advising a natural health products company in relation to the ACMPR, the Narcotic Control Regulations (the "NCR") and intellectual property.
  • Assisting with the going-public transaction for Brassneck Capital Corp. through reverse takeover by National Access Cannabis Corp.
  • Advising a food company in relation to the ACMPR, the NCR, and other aspects of positioning itself for sale of infused food products when solids containing cannabis are regulated for sale.
  • Advising multiple technology companies (domestic and foreign), including licensed producers, licensed dealers and applicants, in relation to:
    • cannabis supply agreements
    • scope of activities under ACMPR licences, NCR licences, and Marihuana Medical Access Regulations licences extended by R v Allard
    • importation and exportation of cannabis under the ACMPR and the NCR
    • intellectual property licensing
    • patent rights, including drafting and filing patent applications in relation to biotechnology and dosage forms
    • plant breeder's rights and trade secrets
    • the scope of wares and services that may be included in trademark applications to position for adult use and for product diversity
  • Drafting website terms and conditions, and privacy policy, and advising in relation to advertising for a licensed producer and a social media company.
  • Advising an assisted living facility in relation to the scope of practice of nurses outside of hospitals, and in relation to a post-Cannabis Act adult use policy.
  • Working with professionals in BLG's corporate and immigration groups to move a skilled individual into Canada to work in the cannabis industry.

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