Francesca Taddeo  


Executive Summary

Francesca Taddeo is an associate in our Insurance and Tort Liability group, and has a diversified practice in the fields of construction litigation, product liability and class actions.

As part of her product liability practice, Francesca represents manufacturers of motor vehicles and household appliances on various product liability and insurance matters, and is part of a team specializing in manufacturers' liability and consumer law class actions.

Francesca also has an active practice in construction litigation, where she advises clients on various aspects of construction claims, notably calls for tenders and bids, the professional liability of engineers and architects, and claims by contractors.

Representative Work

  • Represented Montréal Gateways Terminals ("MGT") in the case of Singh et al. v. Montréal Gateways Terminals et al. The plaintiffs, who were of the Sikh religion, were alleging that a mandatory health-and-safety-related policy implemented by MGT, requiring all individuals entering its terminal in the Port of Montréal to wear a protective helmet, infringed their rights of freedom of religion and equality. The Honourable Justice André Prévost confirmed that MGT was entitled to require that persons of the Sikh religion wear such hard hats over their turbans, despite their religious beliefs prohibiting them from doing so, where there was an actual risk of accidents justifying that measure. In fact, the impugned policy had been established to comply with legal obligations, was adopted in good faith by MGT and was reasonably necessary for the truck drivers to undertake their work. Although MGT had attempted to accommodate the plaintiffs, there was no alternative measure that could enable them to perform their work safely. For those reasons, the policy was held to be fully justified, as Justice Prévost concluded that the beneficial effects of MGT's policy trumped its adverse effects on the plaintiffs' religious freedom.
  • Provides advice and acts for companies on various matters relating to product liability.
  • Participates in class action matters relating to product liability.
  • Represents clients in constructions claims.
  • Participates in preparing cases for trial before Quebec courts.

Publications & Presentations