Alexis Renaud

Alexis Renaud  

Senior Associate

Executive Summary

Alexis Renaud is a senior associate in our Montréal office. He practices in French and English, assisting both unionized and non-unionized businesses in Québec and in New Brunswick. He joined the Employment and Labour Law Group in our Montréal office in 2012 after completing his articling. In addition to being admitted to the Québec Bar in 2012, he was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar in 2016.

Although he frequently assists clients in numerous employment law matters, Alexis is specialized in labour relations and regularly advises and represents unionized businesses in matters of grievance arbitration, litigation matters before labour and industrial relations boards, union certification and negotiation of collective agreements.

Since 2016, in light of his keen interest in all matters pertaining to labour relations, he is seconded on a weekly basis to a major health and social services institution in order to assist their labour relations group with grievance arbitrations, dispute prevention and resolution, and general collective agreement interpretation issues.   

Before beginning his studies in law, Alexis Renaud managed a company in Montréal, exercising responsibility for hiring and training of staff, the development of company policies, disciplinary cases, occupational health and safety issues and terminations of employment. In those years, he developed a keen interest in labour relations, which grew deeper during his studies, leading him to focus on a career in labour law. In general, his on-the-job managerial experience has proven to be an asset in his legal practice, enabling Alexis to grasp the major organizational and economic factors of importance to employers in the field of employment and labour relations.

Representative Work

Publications & Presentations

  • ​Speaker, "Gestion de bris de sécurité informationnel : comment les employés peuvent assister et jouer un rôle clé?," BLG's Annual Labour and Employment Law Symposium, Montréal, October 2, 2015.
  • Speaker, "Alcohol and Drug Testing in the Workplace," BLG's Annual Labour and Employment Law Symposium, October 16, 2014.
  • Speaker, "Les droits et recours d'un employé en probation dans un contexte syndiqué et non syndiqué," BLG's Labour and Employment Law luncheon-talk, Montréal, May 3, 2013.
  • Researcher and draftsman for Parts I and II of the looseleaf reference work by Georges AUDET, Robert BONHOMME, Clément GASCON and Myriane LE FRANÇOIS, Le congédiement en droit Québécois en matière de contrat individuel de travail, 3rd Ed., Cowansville (Qc), Éditions Yvon Blais, 1991 (updated three times a year).

Rankings & Recognitions

  • Prize for the third best pleader in the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot, 2010.
  • Prize for the best team of pleaders in the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot, 2010.
  • Prize for the second best factum in the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot, 2010.
  • Prize for the best team in the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot, 2010.
  • Prize for the best French-speaking university among the semi-finalists in the Gale Moot Competition, 2009.